About Histfiction

Idea generation is not an easy feat for all of us.

Some will be able to generate great ideas in just a snap of their fingers while some require an extended period of time (days, weeks or even months) to generate just 1 solid idea.

Now, is there a formula or a way to generate great ideas fast?

Well, according to research, this is really dependent on the experience the person have been through since young. As such, we are all limited by our own experience for idea generations.

The team at Histfiction wants to bridge the gap of having a great experience and generating great ideas. We believe that the more that we are exposed to, the more we will ignite the creative juice in us. Thus, the team at Histfiction created this platform to gather all entrepreneurs to share ideas with everyone in the committee in hope that we will be able to create breathtaking business idea or solution.